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Why Recruitment?

(Some Questions to Ask Yourself)


  • Are you spending too much time finding candidates to interview?
  • Does the hiring process take you away from your responsibilities?
  • Is it taking too long to fill open positions?


  • Do you have retention issues?
  • Are you evaluating your hiring needs for the present and future?
  • Do you have a quick and efficient recruitment process?


  • How much money are you spending on your current recruitment efforts?
  • Are you training new employees and losing them quickly?
  • Is your recruitment process costing you money in the long run?

What We Can Do For You


PersonL creates realistic timelines to get your company’s hiring needs filled. We handle the entire process of filtering through candidates until we find the best matches for you, giving you more time during the day to focus on other matters.


Our focus is to work closely with you to fulfill immediate and projected hiring needs. By evaluating each individual clients’ needs, and developing a personalized and efficient hiring process, we turn the chore of hiring into an integral piece of strategic business development.


By mitigating retention issues and freeing up your internal resources from the hiring process, PersonL will help you determine just how much you can save by utilizing our services. And who doesn't like saving money?

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